Lockout Tagout

Compliance Gap Assessment

For companies that have implemented a Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) program, the first step of your process should begin with a Compliance Gap Assessment (CGA). Our team of experienced Health and Safety Professionals will perform an in-depth review of your written program, energy control procedures, employee interviews, and compliance with applicable OSHA Regulations and Consensus Standards. Through the CGA process you will have a detailed report of where the LOTO program is for compliant items as well as a detailed report of gaps identified and recommendations to close the gaps.

Development of Site-specific Written LOTO Energy Control Program

If you have not yet developed a Written LOTO ECP the first step is to document a written program that documents the LOTO process within your facility. Our team of experienced Health and Safety Professionals have written LOTO programs in nearly every industry. Each program is custom developed to include your company’s specific requirements and policies as well as compliance with the applicable OSHA regulations.

Development of Machine Specific Energy Control Procedures

Utilizing custom Energy Control Procedure software allows our team of experienced Health and Safety Professionals to author new ECPs using virtually any mobile device. The use of the software has reduced the amount of time required to produce a custom ECP with images and custom isolation point tags. The custom templates can be selected from our library of ECPs or we can customize your own template. Facilities that already have ECPs information can be imported and/or transferred to the software to allow editing and reviews to be completed.