Electrical Safety Audit

“The employer shall conduct routine audits on electrical equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment and to monitor any changes that may be occurring.” —NFPA 70E 2015 110.3(A)

Lewellyn Technology has been a provider of electrical safety services for over two decades. Our safety experts, experienced engineers and field technicians have the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct electrical safety audits for your facility.

Electrical equipment will be exposed to environmental and physical conditions through its service life. Environmental conditions such as heat and humidity, combined with dust and chemicals can deteriorate equipment over time. Physical conditions such as vibrations and accidental damage caused by workers can also add to the breakdown of your electrical equipment throughout its service life.

Our Process

The Electrical Safety Audit is designed to be completed in three stages:

On-site Information Collection

Lewellyn field technicians will gather specific information regarding the proper installation and condition of the electrical equipment selected for the audit. A checklist will be used and Potential Electrical Hazards will be noted.

Development of Audit Report

The information that has been collected by our Field Technicians will be shared with our safety lead. The information will then be put into either a stand-alone report format, or included within your Electrical Safety Program Plan. The audit report will identify the condition of the equipment and call out actual and potential safety hazards.

Audit Report Overview

Upon delivery of the audit report, your team will have an opportunity to review, comment and provide questions and feedback to Lewellyn’s safety lead. If the audit report is being delivered within an Electrical Safety Program Plan, the audit review will be included during the review of the program plan.