Administrative Controls

As part of Lewellyn Technology’s comprehensive solution we offer a variety of Administrative Controls – often the quickest and least expensive methods used to mitigate combustible dust hazards. Our Program Development, Management of Change and Training programs are all designed and run to the highest safety standard by our industry experts.


NFPA says, “The owner/operator shall establish written procedures for operating its facility and equipment to prevent or mitigate fires, deflagrations, and explosions from combustible particulate solids.” Lewellyn Technology can create and write your customized combustible dust policy, establishing an operational safety program unique to your facility.


NFPA says, “Written procedures to manage change to process materials, technology, equipment, procedures, and facilities shall be established and implemented.” Combustible dust hazards are complex – let our expertise guide you through the changes required to reduce the risk.


Employees must be trained to identify the hazards associated with combustible dust. NFPA says, “Initial and refresher training shall be provided to employees who are involved in operating, maintaining, and supervising facilities that handle combustible particulate solids.”

Initial and refresher training ensures that all employees are knowledgeable about the following:

  1. Hazards of their workplace
  2. General orientation, including plant safety rules
  3. Process description
  4. Equipment operation, safe startup and shutdown, and response to upset conditions
  5. The necessity for proper functioning of related fire and explosion protection systems
  6. Equipment maintenance requirements and practices
  7. Housekeeping requirements
  8. Emergency response plans

Our training course has been developed by Jason Reason, who developed the curriculum for and served as an instructor for the Combustible Dust Course at the OSHA Training Institute (OTI). The same materials used to train OSHA Compliance Officers about combustible dust are used to teach your employees about combustible dust. Dust training can be general or site-specific, and is designed to fit any facility’s unique safety and health needs. We can assist employees in understanding the unique and complex hazards associated with combustible dust, as well as teach employees proper work practices associated with combustible dust.