Combustible Dust Services

Combustible dust has lurked as a hidden danger in industrial facilities for years. Created during the normal course of production at factories, most dust seems like nothing more than a simple housekeeping nuisance – waste that collects on floors and equipment.

However, they pose a serious threat to worker safety. This threat has been made evident in recent years – a series of tragic explosions (through an arc flash, spark, open flame, or other ignition source) have prompted government regulatory agencies to respond sternly. Now, industrial, manufacturing, and other facilities are being pushed to respond as well.

OSHA is demanding action by actively inspecting facilities, issuing citations and fines, and is in the process of creating a firm regulatory standard for the proper handling of combustible dusts. As a leader in proactive workplace safety, Lewellyn Technology provides a thorough combustible dust safety program, from auditing and analysis to employee training.